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        Eu Antitrust Regulators Or Investigations Into Apple For Unfair Treatment Of Competitors电竞竞猜网站,热电竞hot88电子竞技竞猜网站

        Form: 新华社 2019/3/15 Browse:6687 Keywords: Apple

        According to Reuters, the head of the European Union's competition regulator said on Thursday that he was considering launching an investigation into Apple, accusing it of using its app store to gain an advantage over its competitors in its services.

        Margrethe Vestage, Commissioner of Competition Regulatory Authority, told German magazines“Tagesspiegel”Their agency will check whether Apple's actions are similar to those of Google, which was fined more than 2 billion euros in 2017 for unfairly treating its competitors on its platform.

        “We have to examine Apple's role in its app store.”She quoted.“If we conclude that they have market dominance, the case will be comparable to the lawsuit against Google.”

        The European Union considered a possible investigation into Apple after Spotify, a music streaming service, filed a lawsuit against Apple manufacturers. Spotify said Apple unfairly restricted its competition in the face of Apple's own Apple Music streaming service.

        Spotify accused Apple App Store of drawing up to 30% of Spotify, while Apple Music, its streaming music service brand, did not.

        Spotify said frankly that after paying 30% of the money to Apple App Store, its competitiveness will be weaker than that of Apple Music. Spotify also complains that paying users can only pay through the Apple App Store, not jump to their official website, and can't communicate directly with paying users on the iOS version of APP.


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