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                    Rudroli(Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH)And custom laser and optoelectronic component manufacturers from GermanyLaser Components GmbHSigned a global distribution agreement,Covers all products of this manufacturer。

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                    Laser ComponentsThe product The range includes photodiodes、Infrared element、Laser、Laser module、Fiber and optics。These products are widely used in industrial applications,Mainly used in medical、Positioning and marking in industrial and laser systems。

                    Growth potential of the two companies

                    Rujoli Optoelectronics Senior Marketing ManagerShirley CoblenzerExpress:“This distribution agreement brings common growth potential to both parties。By addingLaser Components the products of,Rutronik Expands Product Portfolio,Added laser components for various industrial applications,Including laser modules and accessories、Precision lasers andCWLaser diode lens,Let us target new markets such as medical technology。”



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